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Recovery Survival Network offers assistance in the following areas:

  • Auto Body & Paint Certificate Program

  • ETPL Link.

  • Introduction Computer. (Computer training is unavailable until further notice).

  • Job Readiness Program.

  • Job Placement.

  • Job Retention Program.

  • Individual peer-to-peer, group & family support.

  • Intensive case management.

  • Certificates of completion.

  • Aftercare support group services.

  • Earn while you learn program. (When available).

  • Some assistance with legal matters.

  • Surety bonding when possible.

  • Resume preparation and updates.

  • G.E.D. equivalency assistance.

  • Housing referrals.

  • 1-year retention program.


Family of Friends


SF Locations : 221-7th St., 3032-16th St., 3143-16th St., 2697 Mission St., 3308 Mission St., 1657 Market St. and 235 Eddy St.

RSN HAS DEVELOPED A CLEAN & SOBER LIVING NETWORK. We call it “FoF” which stands for “Family of Friends Clean & Sober Living Network”. We currently have various SF locations that we are providing sober living transitional housing from. Our sober living environment has both short and long term sober living housing available. FoF 7th St. has the SOMA P2P Recovery Center located below the hotel so there is always something going on there to support you in your time of need. Here are the locations ready for people who want to live responsibly: 221-7th St., 3032-16th St., and 3143-16th St., 2697 Mission St., 3308 Mission St., 1657 Market St. and 235 Eddy St. Please call for an appointment as we don't want people to drop in without a scheduled appointment. For more information about sober living please call 415-552-1111.


Certificate of Registration
Family of Friends 7th Street



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Recovery Survival Network
Phone: (415) 552-1111
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Toll free: 1 (888) USE-NONE or 1 (888) 873-6663

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