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Recovery Survival Network offers assistance in the following areas:

  • Auto Body & Paint Certificate Program

  • ETPL Link.

  • Introduction Computer. (Computer training is unavailable until further notice).

  • Job Readiness Program.

  • Job Placement.

  • Job Retention Program.

  • Individual peer-to-peer, group & family support.

  • Intensive case management.

  • Certificates of completion.

  • Aftercare support group services.

  • Earn while you learn program. (When available).

  • Some assistance with legal matters.

  • Surety bonding when possible.

  • Resume preparation and updates.

  • G.E.D. equivalency assistance.

  • Housing referrals.

  • 1-year retention program.


Recovery Assistance Program (RAP)

Mission Statement: "To train bad actors in the neighborhood to become professional actors and role models in the community through careers in the entertainment industry as actors, musicians, songwriters, sound recording engineers, digital distributors, booking agents, talent agents, professional Radio announcers and DJ’s."

We have a new program titled (RAP) which stands for Recovery Assistance Program for at-risk-youth and young adults. Recovery Assistance Program referred to as RAP is a peer-to-peer driven program for at-risk youth and young adults. Too many of our youth are involved is street crimes and drug abuse. Our goal is to reduce violence in our neighborhoods by keep our kids involved in productive events while helping them build professional careers. Peers will support each other in peer groups and social networking in our attempt to reduce violence and help the youth in our community stay clean & sober.

The music and entertainment industry could not survive without our youth and new talent could not emerge without stimulating the creativity of our youth. RSN is proud to present this innovative new program that will provide assistance to help develop our youth and help teach them how to turn their lives around from being "Bad Actors in the neighborhood” to becoming “Professional Actors & Role Models".

We have many well-known successful friends in the music and movie industry that have agreed to help provide training and workshops to our youth. If you have an interest in helping out by facilitating a workshop or seminar, please contact Lou at the number below. We will also have a series of fundraisers that will feature some of the most recognized talent in the music and movie industry as hosts, performers and DJ's that will support the live events with a special performance or appearance and they will participate in the entertainment industry training programs and workshops.

The RAP Program Reality Show will focus on and deliver:

  • Selection of the first cohort from custody to their return to the community
  • GED and or education tutoring
  • Job Readiness
  • Life Skills
  • Career of choice training (acting, music production etc.)
  • Job Placement Assistance
  • Workshops & Seminars will be presented by well-known actors, recording artists, Rap Artists, music business managers, booking agents, songwriters, graphic designers, digital distributors, recording engineers, sound engineers and producers on how to get into and become successful in the entertainment industry.

"You can win at RSN"


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